Herbal Care - Conditioner


From vitamins drawn from a mixture of nettle, mille-feuilles and coltsfoot, this deep treatment for dry hair detangles and rehydrates the hair. 

It leaves a restructured and softened hair. Excellent protector, it can be applied to dry hair before swimming in the sea, emphasizing the lengths.


To be used after shampooing on damp hair. Massage to penetrate well.

Leave on for 15 minutes.


200ml bottle

€ 19,99

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Mint Conditioner - Oily Scalp, dry length

Balm based on gentian, hops and vitamins. Excellent conditioner which rehydrates the hair and detoxifies the scalp. 

Non-greasy product that does not weigh down the hair. 


Recommended for oily scalps, dry ends and fine, limp hair.


200ml Bottle

€ 19,99

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Plant Extracts Cream

Composed of Sage and Marjoram, it is a real nourishing treatment that deeply restores the hair shaft.

The hair wears out even before reaching a certain length; it breaks, one has the impression that it no longer grows; 

it therefore needs to be nourished and regenerated in depth. The nourishing power of the Plant Cream acts like a dressing

on dry lengths. It is balancing and rehydrating for dry scalps and hair. The Plant Cream restores shine and vigor

to the hair.


100ml Tube

€ 27,99

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