Massage Gel for Deep Cleansing

This refreshing massage gel is recommended for deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation of oily scalps or with dandruff.


It cleanses and prepares the scalp for further purifying treatments. This gel contains soothing, healing, and anti-bacterial agents that heal and leave your scalp feeling refreshed all day long.


This deep cleansing mask is composed of ingredients that stimulate your scalp and enhance natural defense of our cells that help guard against external aggressions.


Micro-spheres of jojoba esters and silica particles allow for gentle exfoliation while riding the scalp of impurities for the most healthy hair.


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Propolis Jelly for Oily Scalp

This propolis jelly cleanses, purifies, soothes and heals oily scalps with or without dandruff and regulates seborrhea.


Its primary ingredient is propolis (10% - an antibacterial agent collected by bees), which helps to eliminate the microorganisms responsible for seborrhea and dandruff. It also contains a complex that regulates sebaceous gland secretion (1% - amino acids, burdock root, hamamelis, birch, oack and soya).


This product prepares the scalp for the benefits of the other j.f. lazartigue specific treatments and makes it more receptive to them by facilitating their penetration.


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Propolis Shampoo for Oily Scalp

This Propolis Shampoo, containing Propolis, Bees Resin, Botanical, and Biotechnology complex, cleanses, smoothes, and regulates oily scalps.


It is formulated with a gentle cleansing base that is not aggressive to the scalp, promotes, volume and makes the hair soft, giving a healthy shine.


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Deep Cleansing Shampoo

This shampoo rebalances, cleanses, and regulates the natural exfoliation of the scalp, leaving it feeling refreshed.


You regularly give the benefit of a scrub or a mask to your skin. Your hair has the same needs.
It must be cleared and purified to recover its balance.
Due to fruit acids, sulfured amino acids, and soothing Camomille extract, this shampoo clears and regulates the natural exfoliation of the scalp, helps to get rid of dead cells and/or to the removal of seborrheic residues, and brings an agreeable coolness sensation (menthol).


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Intensive Sebum Treatment

Alternate with Stymulactine 21 treatment to fight hair loss. It restores the balance of your scalp, leaving it healthier.


Oily hair and dandruff are two indications of a significant scalp imbalance, which often results in hair loss.


This intensive treatment contains micro-reserves full of protein, sulphur and carbohydrate ingredients which act on :


  • - the sebaceous glands by regulating the quality and quantity of sebum secreted.
  • - the scalp by deep-cleansing and purifying it with anti-bacterial and anti-dandruff agents wich impede the growth of cutaneous germs.
  • - at the roots, by strengthening them (favoring the growth of healthy hair).


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